Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arrived in Greece

Hey Guys,
Wow I really did not think I would get so many opportunities to write in this blog. This is so much fun...I love blogging! Well our flight left to Greece at 3:40pm from Gatwick Airport in London. We arrived in Greece at about 9:30pm ( there is a 2 hour time change so the flight was about 4 hours). We met up with the rest of our group at Gatwick airport and loaded the plane together. We all had to check our ginormous ( Yes, Mom it is a word ;-) ) backpacks, so I took just about nothing but my very bare essentials on the plane. This included my money pouch, camera, and zip-up jacket. In line, I almost dropped my camera and met a girl from Australia. It was a lot of fun talking to her in line. She taught me that people from New Zealand are called Kiwis and people from England are called Poms. These are the slang words. I guess there are two types of people from New Zealand and more formally they are called Marys and something else...I forget. Anyway she is really nice, she was traveling to Greece with some friends just for fun as well. She was living in London working and taking a break from school, she was only 21...what a fun, adventurous life!
Anyway on the plane we were able to pick any seats we wanted to, but since we somehow missed the boarding call for our section we were some of the last to board. It was a really cheap flight so it was a really small plane luckily there were lots of seats to sit in. We were all going to sit together, but I ended up sitting behind the other girls next to this random couple... it ended up being an amazing opportunity. God is good!
I was asking Charissa ( one of the girls I am traveling with) who was sitting in front of me, a question about traveling in Greece and the guy next to me kinda answered the question... trying not to butt in, but I asked his opinion. I found out they were from Greece and got really excited. They were a younger couple probably in mid-30's. I ended up talking to them for the entire rest of the flight. Their names are Mario and Roxanna. He talked to me the most because he was right next to me, but she pipped in often and talked as well. They knew very good English and they taught me some Greek as well. He drew me a map and told me the places to go, the things to eat, what transportation to take. It was amazing! I introduced them to Parmesan fishies and they gave me some of their Cadbury chocolate. He taught me random Greek words like: 'I want melon please' and more useful ones like 'yes' and 'no'. I got a chance to talk to them about religion, not as long as I would of liked but I let him know I was a Christian and hopefully left a good impression of what Christians are. He told about Greek Orthodox and asked me about black churches ( he said he likes that religion because they are always dancing hehe). I explained to him what Amish and Scientology were to the best of my ability. It was really good. We talked about lent and a little about Jesus, I was excited! He was such a good guy, I want him to know Jesus!!

I took a picture with them because we all such a great time. It was so great, informative and just fun! After we landed I said my goodbye to them. We had such a connection... awww sweet people. I shared my fish, they shared their was great. From the airport we took a bus about 40 minutes to some street and walked to our hostel. It was about a 25 or so minute walk... there was a lot of interesting things to see. We stopped at a McDonalds along the way, it was pretty nice. Everything here seems so pretty... some sections are very city like though with the graffiti and stuff. We got to the hostel and we almost did not think we had a room because there was a mix up. First hostel experience, getting ripped off...bummer. The hostel is pretty nice. Well I have to go, I am here now and there is free WiFi but people are waiting. Thanks again for reading about my experience.

Love always, Danni

Jeannie- I saw an AVON when I was on the bus, isn't that cool?!
Julia- I do not think it cost for me to check messages, I do not know but either way it will be cool
Mom- I called Bank of America and got my debit card figured out...I LOVE YOU


  1. cool blog!
    its all about the people, music and the food
    cant wait for more updates and pictures

  2. Danni! I love you so much. You write so descriptively that it feels like i just got off the phone with you! (which doesn't make me miss you any less though!)
    I can tell you are having such a blast! and now that couple knows that Christians are fun-loving, fishie-giving, cheerful, wonderful people!!