Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am in London!! It is official. This is so crazy! Sorry that I did not post yesterday, it was kinda a looooong day and I just found a internet cafe so here I am. This is going to be short because I only have 26 minutes to type my whole adventure!
Ok well first of all my friend Chelsea and I flew for 10 hours to was a nice flight. When we got to Heathrow airport in London we realized we did not know where to meet the other two girls. That was fun. Lol. Luckily one of the girls walked down the stairs and found us and our other friend just kinda showed up. So it was an interesting start. From there we took a taxi ( I know I know taxuis are expensive, but it actually was not bad and the guy was very nice) which was actually this silver Mercedes van thing. It was cool. The driver was on the other side. Hehe. I love it! It ended up being pretty reasonable and a lot easier then we expected. The taxi driver took us to Roehampton then we had to figure out where to put our stuff and then find our way to the little Bed and Breakfast we were staying at in Gatwick. Just finding the chapel to put our stuff in was an adventure. Then we found a bus stop took it the tube and tried to find out way to Gatwick. This is the super short version by the way... The bus ended by being £2 which is almost 4 dollars...not fun. Then we had to buy a ticket to Gatwick which we took the tube got off on Victoria then took a slow train ( thats what the man called it) and got off Gatwick airport. It took us about 5 hours just to get from Roehampton to Gatwick...they are only about 1 hour and a half apart from each other so it should not have taken that long...
We were so tired and hungry and thirsty and confused. It was a hard first day in London. We had no concept of what time it was from the little bit of sleep we had gotten on the plane, somehow we never ate lunch and we did not know how to get to our little bed and breakfast place. Luckily the guy from our bed and breakfast picked us up from the airport and our day started looking up. He is the nicest little Irish man! We told him our story and he was just so funny. He took us to the bed and breakfast which looks like a cute little cottage. As soon as I get the chance, I will put pictures up. The room we stayed in had four beds. One twin bed, one queen sized bed, and one set of bunk beds. It had an incredibly clean bathroom and everything looked so homey. Even when we first got there I felt like we belonged. Everyone was so sweet. It was such a nice ending to a long day. After we got ourselves settled in, we locked up our room and went down to the dearby pub ( it was a long day you understand). Just kidding. Well no really we did, but I think that is just what they call any little resturant that has a bar. It was not what I expected a pub to look like. Everything around here is made of brick and there are green trees everywhere. As I was walking around I had to keep telling myself, 'I am in London!' It kinda looks like some of the little neighborhoods in the small towns of Indiana. I really like it here. I was able to sleep pretty well last night, I mean I did not sleep much...for some reason I kept waking up. I do not think I really realized I was in another country. Several times I woke up and was confused because I kept looking at the clock and it was like 23:10 or 22:35 and then I woke up at 5:20 or something like that and was like ohhh now its morning then I went back to sleep and woke up at 7:30 and 7:45 and 8.
They served us breakfast at 8:45...well thats what time we went down to get it because breakfast ended at 9am. We had eggs and bacon and sausage and toast and tea and orange juice and fruit. It was amazing. I tried to eat a lot because we do not know if we will get to eat on the plane and it is a 5 hour flight. So hopefully the breakfast will hold me. I am running out of pounds fast which is kinda sad. I had to buy some more toiltries because I left my nicely backed toiltries pack in my bag at Roehampton. It took us the longest time to find contact solution...they just don't have that stuff everywhere like we do. Oh and they had wild blackberries everywhere!!! Chelsea and I were picking and eating them when we were outside the pub. A branch attacked my leg with its thorns, but other than that it was great!! Today after we checked out of the bed and breakfast we just walked around a little town trying to find my contact solution and a couple other things. I bought a watch today at a Ross type place called The Factory Shop. It was less than 10 dollars. It is so cute! It has bears all over it. hehe. I needed one because I never know what time it is. Although I will probably still be confused as we travel because we will be going through a bunch of different time zones. Oh well betetr than nothing. The Irish man from the bed and breakfast is taking us to the airport at 1pm. Our flight leaves at 3:40pm. He is so nice!!!! I just want to give him something. We really want to come back here before we leave because it was not took expensive. We each payed less tha 40 dollars. Pretty good right?
Well lets see what else should I tell you all... Hmmmmm
Everyone so far has been very nice and helpful. I am so thankful for that...we will see if that changes once we get to Greece. Oh and I used my debit card here for the first time and it worked, but I forgot to call them so they may put a hold on my account. Mom if you are reading this maybe you can call them. I have not yet figured out how to use my international calling card. Oh but I found out you all can leave me messages on it. Isn't that cool?!
Here is the number you call to do that: Dial 1-888-579-0208 and then you enter my account number: 3101707488
So leave my messages!!! Ummmm that's all I can think of right now.
Talk to you all soon.
Love always, Danni


  1. Hi my love! I am now officially following your blog! I couldn't upload a pic because it wouldn't let me...IDK! I miss you tons and can't wait to hear more! be safe and I love you!

  2. Yay for London! It sounds so amazing and great... little irish men, mercedes taxi rides, slow trains, and euros!
    miss you miss you...does it cost you minutes to listen to messages on your calling card?! because I don't know how to leave you short voice messages :)

  3. Danni it sounds like your having so much fun! I love that your writing about everything.. keep it up! :)