Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Florence, Italy: Just a few hours and already in love

Hey everyone,
I just love Italy so much. Each new city we go into is a completely different experience. We are in Florence now staying at a Guest House. It is so much different from the hostel we stayed at the last two nights in Rome. It is like a little bed and breakfast. It is so nice, it has bathrooms in the rooms and it is right in the middle of town. We have only been in Florence for a few hours and I have already fallen in love. I feel like how God feels with all of us people... every city I go to I love so much that I feel like I could not love anything else as much and then I do!! London was amazing, Athens was amazing, Rome was amazing, and now Florence? I do not know how everything just keeps getting better, but nothing is getting worse. It is like if I was to rate everywhere I go from 1 to 10. Every place would be at 10!!!!!

We left Rome at around 3pm today and arrived in Florence at around 4:30pm. It was a really nice train, I liked it a lot. It is so nice having a Euro rail pass, we only had to pay like 15 dollars for the train ride. In the train they had a diner!! It was so amazing, I wish I had my camera when I went to get water for Angela. It was so cute. There were like little fold out tables with like all types of food you could buy. Cool huh?

Well anyway today we went to the Vatican and saw the Sistene Chapel as well as a lot of other amazing art. It was so overwhelming trying to take in everything we saw. There was art everywhere! Everything we saw was art. The Sistene Chapel was covered with all the paintings of Michealango... the entire place was like a story of what God did from the beginning through the life of Jesus. It was so glorious. After seeing the entire Vatican museum we went to the place where Peter was crucified! But it was super busy because the pope had just got back into town. No, I did not get to see the pope... it was way too crowed and hot to wait in an hour line. Oh well :)

So Florence is beautiful! We went out to this little Italian resturant then walked around the town. It is so much different from Rome, there are less people and cars. It seems less touristy. I like that a lot. We just walked around the streets and then the most amazing thing happened... it started raining!! We got rained on in Italy, walking the streets of Florence while eating gelato! I love it so much! And I already found the most amazing gelato place. The people working there were so nice. I talked to the guy forever and asked him a ton of questions about gelato and how to make it and what was the best and what was in all of them. Lol. I really like gelato. He gave me so much for a small price. It was fun! I had Sicilian pear gelato with Sicilian fig gelato with rose water gelato and the favorite of the employee guy which was the typical cake from the island he is from ( I forgot the name of the island, but it is near Sicily). It was so nice, I loved it! I told them we would come back tomorrow which I am planning on doing because I want to try all the flavors! I am having such a great time!

Tomorrow are plan is to just roam around Florence. It is such a small city we can easily walk everywhere. We are going to see this really pretty bridge and some other things that are really famous in Florence, but for the most part we will just enjoy the scenary and the food and whatever we find. Then tomorrow night we are off to Venice! Our train leaves at 6:30pm and we will arrive there at about 10pm I think.

On that note, I better get to bed. I love you all very much!! Thanks for all your support and prayers. Keep reading. I cannot wait to show pictures! It will be great. Hope to write again soon.

Love always, Danni


  1. your entire trip has been taken to a whole... 'nutha... level...

  2. Your descriptions make me feel like I am right there with you. Love you!!:)

  3. Dr. Easley was right, you write like you talk :) i catch myself reading faster and in an excited voice in my head (that slightly immitates your voice) as i read through your adventures. i love it!
    your trip is so amazing, i can't wait to see all the pictures!!!

  4. p.s. i like how you specified that the restaurant that you went to (in Italy) was a "little Italian restaurant" :)