Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prague: Just Settling In

September 13

This day had a rocky start, but ended up just lovely. We got the wrong directions to our hostel and hopped on a bus that we did not need to take. Since we had already paid for the ticket for the bus, we decided we would use the bus ride as our own tour of Prague. It was not the most beautiful tour... there was little to see and a lot of sad, graffiti walls. We did, however, meet an Australian girl named Erin on the bus. She was going to the same hostel as us and had gotten really lost as well, so she decided to just ride the bus with us. It was nice. We had a great time talking with her, she was super sweet. When we finally arrived at our hostel, we placed our bags in the luggage room and went straight out to eat. It was dinner time and we were starving. So for the first time on our entire trip, we had... Mexican Food! Yup that's right, we went to a Mexican restaurant in the Czech Republic. Hehe. It was actually really good. I ordered a kid's meal which was simply chicken and potato circles that were shaped like smiley faces. It was great, I loved it! We all had a great time just relaxing. The weather was quite dreary, everything was dark and it looked like it was going to rain ( which it did, much later).

It was nice settling into our hostel room after a long day of travel. We were all together in one room which was fun. It had been a long time since we had all be together in one room. The room was really pretty it looked like the entire room was from IKEA. The walls were bright colored along with the blankets on the beds and even the cabinets. The hostel was really nice, and it was only $8.50 a night. It is crazy because everything is really cheap in Prague. The hostel also had an indoor swimming pool and a sauna! The pool was too creepy for me, so I did not go in. It filled up an entire room! You walked up these stairs and then there was the pool reaching as far as you can see... it was insane! Then there was a little sauna, which looked so nice. Some of the other girls went, but Christina and I did not feel like getting our bathing suits all stinky again so we did not partake in these activities... also the pool was really cold.

While everyone was swimming, we went over to the bar to try and use the internet. All the computers were full for hours. We were given coupons for a free drink at the bar so we got that as well. My first time ever ordering at a bar! It was so much fun! I got pineapple juice. Mmmm it was yummy!

The day that started out not so great, ended up pretty nice. Tomorrow is the tour of Prague! Woowoo!

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